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liquid management

  • Provides accurate measurements for optimal operations in: chemical processing, water treatment, hydroponics, aquatics, household water tank management, food and beverage manufacturing.
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art technology for real-time data delivery.
  • Prevents costly overflows or shortages.

You just have to set your mind on which liquid monitoring system you need, as this will ensure desired output.

IACS STK1 Sensor Timer Kit Photoelectric Light Beam Barrier 2m Reflective
IACS 1 Channel 3 Amp Photoelectric Beam Kit 2m Reflective (PK1)

IACS Electronics designs optical sensors to detect the presence or absence of objects, changes in surface conditions, and other critical factors with high precision. It detects human or object presence, controlling lighting, alarms, signal processing and automated equipment, light barrier / door bell or alarm, train signals or positioning. These sensors are ideal for applications in manufacturing, packaging, and quality control, where accuracy and speed are paramount. By integrating these sensors into your projects, you can achieve enhanced detection capabilities, leading to desired outcomes.

IACS Electronics builds boards to withstand harsh industrial environments and maintain consistent performance. We design our solutions with flexibility in mind, enabling easy integration with existing systems and scalability to suit your future expansions. All our products conform to European Standards and are RoHS compliant with no hazardous material or substances. For Legality and Quality click here. The company carry out all assembly and quality testing on site in the United Kingdom.

Investing in IACS Electronics means investing in a future-proof solution that brings hassle-free management of your water tank and peace of mind in automated sensors and a lot more. Transform your automation projects today and experience the benefits of precision, reliability, and innovation with IACS Electronics.

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