IACS LEx™ is a Research & Development project delving into and exploring the depths of human potential and the ability to heal and recover from physical, emotional and mental trauma and damage.

Project Overview

This will become more detailed as time goes on, we will update this article to provide you with new developments in this technology. Let’s just say for now that we have a very open mind and a keen approach, we believe there is a cure and treatment for everything that exists… it is our responsibility to find it. Through all of our research and development projects, the ones that stand out the most have been the healing and health related ones.

During the past 6 years, IACS has been researching and developing experimental devices for healing and treating a variety of conditions with low-risk devices and voluntary test subjects. Our results have to this day been extremely promising and offer great insight into the possibilities that we have yet to discover.

Primary Objectives

  1. Development of a system to automatically detect and identify illnesses or health conditions that the patient may not yet be aware of.
  2. Combine input information with calculations and broader knowledge of human biology, quantum physics, astrophysics and neurobiology to reveal new insights into a clients treatment options and offer ways to extend the longevity of their cellular makeup and life in general.
  3. Automate the experience so attendance is not necessary and added possibilities of self-maintenance during sleep cycles.
  4. Anti-Hijacking integration to protect the client from harmful interference or radiation during and after treatment and prevent mis-use of the system.
  5. Provide a good and stable resource and affordability to ensure the system is available to this who truly deserve it’s benefits and not just exclusive to those who can access it readily or locally.

If you are interested in becoming a test subject for this research & development project, you will need to have a long-standing health condition (over 2 years) – Please get in touch with us via the form below. Please include brief details about your condition in the ‘Message’ section below. All messages are confidential.

Everything begins with an idea.

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