Since it’s incorporation, IACS has supported the work of various charities whether it be by regular donation, random donations or supplying work or goods. Howevever our main interest in charity has always been to try to aid in finding solutions to world problems. Many of our products and projects are aimed towards assisting the disabled, life improvement, water generation and purification and more. We support development of remote areas and we work to raise awareness of certain issues pressing our world today.

Our primary method of supporting these organizations is to help drive donations by advertising their charity in our packaging, customer messages, and of course at times we operate a percentage-based donation whereby a percentage of certain sales is collected for charity.

Charities We Currently Support:


At IACS, we thoroughly detest the mistreatment of animals. Especially mistreatment, neglect, starvation and so we aim to raise awareness and encourage donations directky to this organization. If you receive a charity note in your package you may be given the opportunity to donate a portion of your order total at checkout.

Wood Green Animal Shelter

This group works directly with providing shelter and food to animals, we support this cause and encourage our clients to do the same. To find our more about this charity, please follow the link.

Marie Curie Cancer Care

We began supporting this charity back in 2021. Denoted by their well known bright yellow logo, they are a recognized charity delivering care and support to those undergoing cancer treatment. We are very interested in research into health and medical and so this is a natural selection for us.

Water Aid*

We believe everyone should have access to clean water. We support research and development into technologies to help obtain clean and stable water sources in remote or compromised areas such as those where the water may have become poisoned or polluted.


IACS takes an extremely strong stance against abuse of children. We believe everyone deserves a decent start in life. You can find out about the work of the NSPCC on their website.

Other Charities We Have Supported In The Past:

We can’t support everyone at once, so we select a few that stand out

Guide Dogs UK*

IACS has previously supported this charity. We believe this is a good and worthy cause and so we encourage support. Visit their website to see the work they do.

British Red Cross*

The British Red Cross carries our many important tasks worldwide, you can view their causes and works on their website.

The Broken Dreams Foundation*

We were interested to support this start-up charity which deals with a lot of forgotten issues todo with broken families, and issues surrounding them. Unfortunately this charity never completed its formation and so their works were never set in motion.

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