In June 2011, Intelligent Automation Control Systems Limited was officially born, marking a significant milestone as the company launched its online presence with its website and store.

Although voice-controlled devices and software-linked home automation gadgets are common today, back in 2011, the landscape was vastly different. IACS faced the daunting challenge of introducing such advanced technology to a market that wasn’t quite ready. In fact, it was impossible. Despite his visionary efforts, the project struggled to be taken seriously, leading to the difficult decision to dismantle the devices and sell its components online.

However, an extraordinary turn of events transpired. The individual components developed for the A-Series proved to be incredibly popular in one of the online shops. This unexpected success revealed a new opportunity for IACS.

Recognizing the demand, the company pivoted, channeling its expertise into producing controllers and relay boards for hobbyists and other businesses. These components became integral to countless innovative designs, fueling creativity and innovation across various industries.

The journey of the IACS is a testament to resilience and adaptability. From ambitious beginnings to navigating unforeseen challenges, the company’s story is one of perseverance and the relentless pursuit of progress. This spirit continues to inspire, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, there are always new paths to explore and new heights to achieve.

“Sometimes the journey begins where you least expect it.”

~IACS Founder

Turning a setback into a remarkable opportunity by selling off the project parts to recoup the losses, resulting in a successful business. Undeterred, the company continued designing innovative devices and collaborated with a diverse range of clients—from passionate individuals and startups to industry leaders in food manufacturing, the medical field, and the military.

IACS’ commitment to helping others build their dreams has empowered hobbyists and professionals alike. It have contributed to groundbreaking solutions in energy production, including nuclear, wind, and solar. Through dedication and expertise, it have significantly impacted various industries, proving that resilience and creativity can turn any challenge into a stepping stone for greater achievements.

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