“At IACS, we have always had a keen interest in the Environment, mainly air and water pollution, renewable energy and recycling. Did you know that IACS Electronics is one of the first manufacturers in the United Kingdom to successfully achieve almost complete self-reliance in terms of energy and recycling?”

The IACS Eletronics Founder – 2024

How have we done so far?:

Ever since the very beginning in 2010, we have been keeping an eye on our energy usage and evaluating ways to improve. As we have moved our office and manufacturing location a few times due to changes in the world we always strive to produce as much of our own energy as possible.

The following table shows our calculations and a brief explanation of how these were calculated, and circumstances surrounding the time period. This grid only includes energy used in the UK for office, design and manufacture and does NOT include any third-parties or energy consumed by third-party manufacturers such as components we use on our products.

YearEstimated % RenewableDetails & NotesOur Reasoning
201043%Start-up PhaseOur Own Solar Panels
201139%Higher demandOur Own Solar Panels
201267.6%Doubled PanelsWe doubled the number of solar panels on our UK factory and office
201373.21%Developed New ControllerWe integrated our own MOSFET driven power converter and light dimming and ventillation system into our existing solar panels, switched to LED and Fluorescent Lighting and Heatpump Air Conditioning for reduced heating energy consumption .
201488.96%Consumption increased but added insulationWe lined our building with reflective thermal lining and acoustic foam to the walls to reduce heat loss and noise pollution.
201571.82Greater demandMore energy used in manufacturing process so higher usage means solar panels couldn’t keep up.
201680.82%Approaching Temporary Shut-Down & Relocation of factory.Much lower energy consumption approaching relocation as we were producing less goods.
201739%On-Grid SupplierNew location is services property, this percentage is based on what the energy supplier informed us was sourced from Wind Turbines.
201829%Rental Office and Factory – On GridIn 2018 due to political changes surrounding EU referendum, we relocated to a small factory building and office without insulation and only supplier fed electricity.
201922%Very cold winter and other issues forced us to rely on gas and solid fuel for heating.A tragic period after all of our other efforts we were forced to start using gas and solid fuels as on-grid electricity prices soar and extremely cold winters.
202026%We were able to add insulation and change our heating set up to reduce usage slightly. Rental factory unit and office.We began researching alternative ways to generate energy and reduce usage during this time and invested heavily in industrial grade solar panels and insulation but for various reasons we were unable to install these within the time period and subsequently relocated to a smaller factory unit.
2021Unknown* 20 ro 35%?Relocations, divided factory, third-party power.We were provided with electricity through 3 different third-parties during this time period and don’t have full statistics but based on general statistics we estimate it to be between 20 and 35% renewable sources from UK grid power.
202283.65%Split between 2 different locationsSome on-grid, some off-grid using our own equipment.
202398.7% (+1.3% renewable sourced wood)Our own office and miniature factory fully powered by our own solar equipment.We finally achieved the goals we set out to achieve and successfully powered our office and production line using entirely solar power. 1.3% of our energy was from solid fuel used in winter for additional heating but this was renewably sourced.

Consumption Obsession:

The founder of IACS Electronics has experimented with Tesla Coils and Towers originally created by Nikola Tesla as well as HHO (Hydrogen Generators), hybrid, biodiesel, wind and water turbines and solar power and his personal opinion is that solar power is the overall winner in terms of its compatibility with our current society, ease of installation, pricing and maintenance costs. IACS Electronics has also provided parts for use in Nuclear power generation and assisted with the development of new types of charge controllers.

“Solar is simple and clean and accessible to most people. It doesn’t bother people either, once the panels are up, you can forget about them and just collect the power. It is a lazy simple solution. Nuclear power is misunderstood and a lot cleaner than many people think and we will probably see an increase in Nuclear in the coming years. I will continue to experiment with other options and see what we discover!”

Paul Taylor
IACS Electronics Founder

If you have a renewable energy related project and would like to explore our services, you are welcome to get in touch.

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