Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is surprisingly common, whether it is your toaster breaking down or a printer or computer that has become obsolete. Well, circuit boards, components and accessories are also classed as WEEE. They contain metals such as copper, tin and brass and if they are older they can even contain lead and mercury. Our products don’t contain any dangerous metals but they do still need to be recycled.

What happens with WEEE?:

Companies have to take action to reduce waste electronic and electrical equipment from piling up or entering landfill and so processing plants exist to dismantle and strip out parts for recycling and safe disposal of materials. Businesses and individuals are expected to contribute towards costs and so they pay fees to the Environment Agency. Most companies also enroll in a compliance scheme to keep track of their usage, assist with waste collection and provide other services.

What is IACS doing about WEEE?:

We have been members of various compliance schemes over the years but regardless of which scheme we are with we always strive to follow the following principles and we have our own WEEE program in place too. Customers are able to return their goods to IACS Electronics when they reach the end of their life expectancy and in exchange we give them a 10% environmental coupon that they can use in our store towards a new order. We will then dismantle their old goods and extract materials for recycling. Where this is not possible, the goods are put aside for collection by a WEEE service company.

“Did you know you can get 10% off future orders when you send us your old IACS products for WEEE recycling as art of our WEEE Recycling Policy?”

    Paul Taylor
    IACS Founder – 2023

    Our Key Principals:

    1. Create quality goods that are built to last, this reduces the amount of waste being produced and drastically increases appreciation for the product.
    2. Provide incentives for customers to return goods to us at the end of their life so we can recycle or arrange recycling in a centralised manner.
    3. Design products in such a way where they are servicable or less likely to break down by using components that are exchangeable, this reduces waste from an entire product to a small component.
    4. Package products in recyclable packaging (see our Packaging Page).
    5. Provide tips and assistance to customers so they can get the best use out of products to reduce other components breaking down from third-parties (reducing their waste in turn).
    6. Increase customer awareness of waste and how it affects the environment so they take steps and make efforts to recycle and return their WEEE to us or take it to an approved center.
    7. Keep track of our product manufacturing processes with waste production in mind. IACS tallied less than 2 kg of WEEE was produced during production over the entire year of 2023 and the total gross weight of goods placed onto the market during its last production run was far below expectations.
    8. Switch to refillable toner powders and ink rather than using disposable ink cartridges, this has reduced our plastic and ink cartridge waste to near 0 and we have been using the same printers since our incorporation in 2011.
    9. We are now researching ways to reduce our dependancy on plastics and further reduce the quantity of materials needed to produce products.
    10. Signage is an important factor when it comes to recycling of any type but especially WEEE. We have 2 differnt types of WEEE bin in use in our factory and Quality Control area. We have 1 bin for failed components and materials and another bin for complete products that have failed. Fortunately, these bins rarely open as over 99% of our products pass.

    “The easiest way to reduce waste is to make products last longer so replacements are not necessary and replace only small components from wear and tear rather than making the entire product disposable or unfeasible to repair.”

    Paul Taylor
    IACS Electronics Founder

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