IACS 1 Channel 5 Amp Solid State Relay Board SSR ‘AC’ (Direct Drive)

Original price was: £56.69.Current price is: £51.23. Specification & Features • Switch rating of 5 Amperes at domestic voltage (and up to 380 volts AC) (Take care when working with potentially hazardous voltages)• Properly labelled and with proper connectors all round! NO SOLDERING REQUIRED! • Works directly at the logic level from a parallel port, AVR, Arduino, and many other microcontrollers…

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Product Features 
Board Input Voltage Options3V DC to 32V DC, we recommend 12V or 24V DC input.


This voltage range powers the board and does not interact with the switching ability e.g. a 12V DC board can switch anything up to 380V AC for this model. This version can not switch DC power.

5 Year Warranty on MAGER brand relay – extremely reliable, that’s why we use them.

Logic Voltage / Control Voltage1.5V – 12V DC (recommended +5V DC)
Switching FormSPST – Normally Open, closes when logic is high (active high)
Switching Power (Amps)Up to 5 amps (5A) at 380V AC. Protected by fast blow glass fuse which are readily available and easy to replace. Note: This version can not switch DC loadswe have a version that can!
Switch Response Time (ms)Usually less than 3ms – solid state means no moving parts so it should be near-instant, sometimes temperature fluctuation or magnetic resistance can cause it to be slower, this is the same with any SSR.
Protection FeaturesInput polarity protection, Flywheel, resistive logic, photo-triac, polarity LED and signal LED to indicate logic and power states. Changeable fast-blow FUSE
Compatible withArduino, ARM, AVR, MCU, PIC, Motherboard, optical controller, 32 channel controllers, Raspberry Pi, 8051, TTL, CMOS, Parallel ports and more
Suggested UsesAlarm, lighting, security system, Arduino shield, custom programming, door controller, sensor switch, fan control, CCTV, vaults, heating, motors, general home automation, and more. You can control basically anything that runs on mains voltage not exceeding 5 amps.

(L x W x H)

5cm x 5cm x 3cm
PCB TypeIndustrial Grade FR-4, does not flex or corrode, Green SM
TreatmentsHASL, treated with silicone
Place of ManufactureENGLAND
Quality ControlCE, EMC, IEC 6100-6-1, 6100-6-3, RoHS, WEEE (Compliance Number WEE/FK 2902 UZ), IMS115
Safety NoticesTake care when working with high voltages, isolate before touching the unit.
VATIncluded – An invoice is included as standard to all customers in UK / EU.
QuantityThis listing is for 1 unit unless otherwise stated, the pictures are a true representation of the quality but more than one item may be shown in the picture for multiple angles. This is illustrative only.
Datasheet Location (& Instructions)
Part Number‘1CH-5A-SSR-AC’

This version requires DC power and logic but will switch only AC loads such as domestic voltage. It can not be used to switch DC loads but we have a version that can.

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