IACS 1 Channel Generic Logic Step-Up Converter Relay Driver Board 2A

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After receiving various requests for a single channel relay board that could be controlled using either positive or negative logic switching, we designed this board. As a quick run-down of what it is for; imagine you have a device that outputs a signal that only switches on the positive side such as a sensor and…

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Specification & Features

• This device has optical isolation on the logic side and is suitable for use in both industrial situations and domestic installations, the logic lines don’t come into contact with the supply at all unless they share the same power source. Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more, use it as a shield to connect almost any relay to your microcomputer.

• Power supply input is to match your relay’s coil. We recommend that you do not exceed 36v with this board. 5v, 12v or 24v are all ideal suggestions if you have flexibility with your design.

• Compact industrial grade board does not flex or separate and has no moving parts to break.

• Screw terminals on connectors, no soldering to the board needed. Most of our products are produced using slotted screws but we can not guarantee this unless requested.

• Works directly at the logic level from a parallel port, AVR, Arduino, PIC, ARM, 8051 and many other microcontrollers and interfaces that use ‘TTL’ or CMOS logic levels, low level current will not damage or overload signal pins. People have previously wired this device into computer motherboards and burglar alarms without problems and been able to switch more demanding devices.

• CE Mark, RoHS and WEEE compliant, manufactured in the UK.

If you are not sure about logic types or are confused about active high and active low labelling, check out this post: ‘What’s the difference? Active High and Active Low Relay Boards?’

PDF Datasheet & Instructions: 1CHGEN Board Datasheet

Additional information

Weight100 g
DC Supply Voltage

3V DC, 5V DC, 9V DC, 12V DC, 24V DC


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