Float Kit 1 (Standard) FK1 Relay Board

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Ensure precise water level management with ease using Float Kit 1 (Standard). Effortless installation and reliable performance for all tank systems. > View the video for this product here < [video width="1280" height="720" mp4="https://iacselectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/FK1-SUMMARY-FEATURES.mp4"][/video]     Did you know? Even if we are closed or have no stock, you can still order on Amazon with…


Reliable Water Level Control Made Easy

Float Kit 1 (Standard) FK1 with its Relay Board: Effortlessly maintains optimal water levels by monitoring a single point in your tank. It is dependable and simple to install, needing only the installation of one (1) float switch. This kit includes a black polypropylene float switch that, once installed, may be used to effortlessly maintain the liquid level at a specific point. Alternatively, this kit can be used as a safety device to prevent your pump from running dry.


Get Your Float Kit 1 Standard Today for Hassle-Free Water Level Management!


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Polarity Protection:

This prevents accidental damage to your your board.

Flywheel Protection:

Protects your circuit from electrical spikes.

Power Isolation:

This prevents your water tank, such as an aquarium or pool, from being exposed to high voltages. This protects your water tank, such as an aquarium or pool, from being exposed to dangerous voltages.

Plug-able Power and Switch Terminal

This makes installation and maintenance is easy.

Cost Efficient:

This product is very cost efficient and parts are readily available.

Compact Space Saving Design

This fits inside most enclosures.

Switching Capacity is compatible with anything to up to 250 Volts.

Float Switch Response Time


The float kit 1 (standard) is perfect for anything that maintains water level where water does not move much.

  • Aquarium

  • Sump

  • Storage Tank

  • Swimming Pool

  • Overflow Tank

  • Caravan

  • RV, Motor homes

  • Toilet

  • Fire Safety Tanks

  • Garden Shed Projects

  • Hobbyist

  • Watering System


For your convenience, please find datasheet we have put together containing information about size, specification, wiring, and safety information. Datasheet & Instructions: IACS FK1 Datasheet


Board Input Voltage OptionsWe are currently producing this product in three voltage options: 9V DC, 12V DC, and 24V DC. You will need a power supply, transformer, or battery if you wish to switch the mains voltage.
Float Switch PowerThe float switch operates at a voltage equal to or lower than the board’s input voltage at 5–25 mA, making it safer than operating a mains voltage near water.
Switching FormSPDT: NO, COM, NC
Switching Power (Amps)Up to 10 amps continuous (10A) at 250V AC or 30V DC

Some lesser-known voltage variants, such as 3V, 36V DC, and 48V DC, may have slightly lower ratings of around 7 amps or 28V DC instead of 10 amps and 30V DC; this is due to the manufacturing process and space inside the component’s casing. If this is a problem, check out our other items or contact us!

Switch Response Time (ms)Usually less than 20 ms, but most tests show around 8 ms.
General FeaturesThe float switch incorporates input polarity protection, a flywheel, resistive logic, a high-quality polarity LED, and a signal LED to show the float and power states. Only a very low voltage goes through the float switch—usually less than 5 volts DC. The float switch or sensor always isolates the mains voltage.
Compatible withAlthough it stands alone, it can connect to various devices such as Arduino, ARM, AVR, MCU, PIC, motherboards, optical controllers, our USB/Serial 32 channel controllers, Raspberry Pi, 8051, TTL, CMOS, parallel ports, and more.
Special FeaturesThere are no special features other than those listed in the general features above.


Suggested UsesThe systems include alarms, lighting, security systems, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, sensor switches, fan control, heating, general home automation, emergency pump, aquaponics, fish tank sump, flood prevention, and automatic watering systems.

(L x W x H)

We recommend a clearance of approximately 12mm for the 7cm + screw terminal, which overhangs the board by approximately +5mm.


PCB TypeIndustrial Grade FR-4 does not flex or corrode.
Surface TreatmentsLead-Free HASL (RoHS), also known as ‘ENIG’ for special batches, undergoes a protective silicone-based coating to resist or reduce moisture inhibition and/or corrosion.
Place of ManufactureENGLAND (hand assembled and quality tested on site)
Quality ControlWe comply with CE, EMC, IEC 6100-6-1, 6100-6-3, RoHS, WEEE (Compliance Number WEE/FK 2902 UZ), and IMS115.
Safety NoticesWhen working with high voltages, exercise caution and isolate the unit before touching it. Ensure the board remains dry and mount it inside a waterproof housing, such as an IP-rated enclosure with sealed wires.


This listing is for one unit, unless otherwise stated. The colours may vary depending on the variant purchased. Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
Datasheet Locationhttps://iacselectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/IACS-FK1-Datasheet.pdfhttps://iacselectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/IACS-FK1-Datasheet.pdf
Manufacturer’s WebsiteVisit us at www.iacselectronics.com
CustomizationYes, we can customize kits and orders, but a minimum order quantity or cover charge may apply.
Product ClassificationUsually dispatched within 72 hours, depending on component availability and the number purchased.


Additional information

Weight100 g
Dimensions18 cm
DC Supply Voltage

5V DC, 6V DC, 9V DC, 12V DC, 18V DC, 24V DC, 36V DC, 48V DC

Float Switch Cable Length

Standard – As it comes (Approx 30cm), Extend to 1 Metre Approx, Extend to 2 Metres Approx

2 reviews for Float Kit 1 (Standard) FK1 Relay Board

  1. L. Stambtodge

    Brilliant product. Does exactly what it says. I’m so glad these are available again. I bought two of these three years ago. I thought they had stopped making these but apparently not. Mine even came boxed with a little screwdriver. Pleasantly surprised! I recommend these guys to anyone

  2. Andrea

    Please do a YouTube video showing me how to connect this thing to a solenoid. Works great with a bump though. All my other float switches burnt out.

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