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IACS Float Kit X-Series FKX (Tank Controller Automatic REFILL) Dual Black Polypropylene Switch 30A



Product Details

For your convinience, please find datasheet we have put together containing information about size, specification, wiring, and safety information.

This item is an automatic tank REFILL controller (not to be confused with the drain controller version). This board will watch the tank using 2 float switches and detect when it is low / empty (using the lower float switch) and refill it to the top (upper float switch). Unlike using a timer, latching relay or some other versions that may be available, this system uses an intelligent microcontroller operated board with integrated protection features and programming designed specifically to make decisions about how to manage the tank. The other advantage of this is that we can customise the programming to suit peoples needs (additional charge may apply). If you wanted this to send out a morse code SOS signal if a tank were to ‘overflow’ or a boat to start sinking…. this board is capable of doing it. It also has optically isolated inputs and has been in testing for well over a year to make sure it out-performs our expectations. This version does not have Ripple Correction Code(TM) as it does not need it for its usage scenarios.

You can use it to top up a water tank automatically when it gets low. You can use push buttons instead of float switches and we do supply other float switches.

We also sell SELF ADHESIVE stand-off mounts so you can stick the board to the inside of an enclosure of your choice.

This kit consists of the board and 2 float switches as shown in the photos.

Datasheet, Instructions & Specification: IACS FK-X Series Datasheet

Program Guide and Information: FK-X Series Program Guide


Product Features

Board Input Voltage OptionsRequires input voltage of between 9 and 14 volts (can be linked directly to a 12V Lead-acid or lithium battery or PSU).
Float Switch PowerThe float switch will have the same as the board’s input voltage or lower put through it but only at a low amperage of around 5-25mA making it much safer than running for example mains voltage that close to water.
Switching FormSPDT – NO, COM, NC
Switching Power (Amps)Up to 30 amps continuous on Normally Open (30A) at 250V AC, OR 30V DC.
25 amps on Normally Closed (NC).
Switch Response Time (ms)This board detects changes to the float switches immediately but may take a few seconds to decide whether to activate or change the state of the relay so responses may be between 0 and 5 seconds.
General FeaturesInput polarity protection, Flywheel, optically isolated float switch logic inputs for added protection, high quality, polarity LED and signal LED to indicate float state and power state. Only a very low voltage goes through the float switch – usually less than 5 volts DC. Mains voltage is always isolated from the float switch or sensor.
Compatible withSelf standing no add-ons required but you are free to custom wire it to whatever you like (check safety first).
Special FeaturesIntelligent program, this board essentially looks at and decides what to do depending on the float switch state, rather than just relying on timers and interrupts.
Suggested UsesAlarm, lighting, security system, farm machinery, water butts, caravan and motorhome, backup tanks, sumps, fish tanks and aquariums, storm drains and watering sysytems, hydroponics.

(L x W x H)

7cm + screw terminal overhangs board by around +10mm so (8cm) x 5cm x 2.5cm.
PCB TypeIndustrial Grade FR-4, does not flex or corrode
Surface TreatmentsLead-Free HASL (RoHS) or ‘ENIG’ for special batches, treated with a protective silicone based coating to resist / reduce moisture inhibition and/or corrosion
Place of ManufactureENGLAND (Hand assembled and quality tested on site)
Quality ControlCE, EMC, IEC 6100-6-1, 6100-6-3, RoHS, WEEE (Compliance Number WEE/FK 2902 UZ), IMS115
Safety NoticesTake care when working with high voltages, isolate before touching the unit, the board must be kept dry and should be mounted inside waterproof housing such as an IP rated enclosure with wires sealed.
VAT Invoices

(20%) Value Added Tax

UK VAT is already included in the sale price @ 20 %.We provide VAT invoices to our UK customers as standard (in the package)
QuantityThis listing is for 1 unit unless otherwise stated. The colours may vary depending on variant purchased. Photos are for illustrative purposes only.
Datasheet LocationPlease see links at top of page.
Manufacturer’s Websiteiacselectronics.com
CustomisationYes – The program may be customised (additional costs may be incurred).
Product ClassificationUsually dispatched within 72 hours depending on component availability and number purchased.

Additional information

Weight450 g


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