Purchasing and Sales Contract Agreement


1: Definitions
2: Free Session
3: Purchasing Consultation Services
4: Consultation Session
5: Refunds & Cancellation
6: Video Consultation Sessions
7: In-Person Consultation
8. Revisions & General Terms of Service
9. How To Use Our Consultancy Services

1. Definitions

“the Company” refers to IACS Electronics and/or Intelligent Automation Control Systems Limited.
“Session” refers to the instance of communication between the Company and the Client” which may be via any means or method or could include multiple methods for example a 1 hour session may include 30 minutes over the phone and 30 minutes using online video conferencing.
“the Services” and “the Consultancy” refer to one or multiple sessions in which conversation between the Company and the Client occurs. This may be over the phone, via online service or digital communication and/or in person.
“the Client” refers to the individual(s) who purchased and/or paid for the services.
“Free” means unpaid or uncharged and refers to a duration of time at the beginning of any paid consultation or may occur without any other consultation.
“Expire” means that an elapsed time specified by the Company has passed from the purchased date, typically 60 days.

2. Free Session

The Company may choose to offer a Free Consultation or Session to any Client it so chooses. The Company reserves the right to refue to provide Consultancy or Session(s) to any individual, person, or Business for any reason without prior notice or reason. It remains the Company’s choice whether or not to provide services. If a consultation has been paid for but the Company refuses to provide them without reason, the Client will be entitled to a full refund provided they are not in breach of any of our terns including Terms of Service.

3. Purchasing Consultancy Services

When you purchase a Consultancy package, service or Session time; you are entering into an agreement that functions in a similar way to a gift card. The service is listed and may be utilised at any agreeable time within the validity persion. Consultancy packages and Session times are valid for 60 days from the date of purchase. In the event that 60 days has passed, the service will expire and any unused consultancy time will Expire meaning that you are no longer entitled to make use of the Consultation time unless previously agreed by the Company in writing.

4. Consultation Session

The Consultation is always treated with complete confidence. The Company may record sessions for security and/or training purposes but will not share any such content with any third party unless the session or Consultation is disputed. The Company may offer Non-Disclosure Agreements by prior agreement with the Client and/or Customer. Any drafting or costs related to setting up such agreement is payable by the Client in advance. The Company may offer a 30 minute consultation to get to know the Client’s requirements and provide a basic overview of options and services. All consultations are contract free and done on a pay-as-you-go basis unless otherwise agreed. In the event that the Customer does not wish to use the Company’s services, the Non-Disclosure Agreement will remain valid.

5. Refunds & Cancellation

All purchases are final, the Consultancy Session remains valid for 60 days from the date of purchase until it is either used, or Expires. Once the service is purchased, a slot is allocated and a mutually convinient time may be scheduled between the Client and the Company. This may be done by Email, phone or live chat / social media messaging, The time slot is intended for voice or message consuktation and does not necessarily include video calls or in person meetings which may be chargeable at a different rate or incur additional costs. Although non-refundable, the Company may choose to offer a refund in certain circumstances as it sees appropriate either back to the original method, or by Gift Card or Discount Code up to the original amount.

6. Video Consultation & Sessions

Video conferencing is available by prior agreement only and is not necessarily included in the Consultation package. A Session may be split between different forms of communication wich may include video conferencing but the Company is not obligated to use this method. The Client is able to send images and video to the Company at their own discretion and the Company will willingly review such materials as part of the Consultancy process but it is not essential for the Company to share video streams or provide media unless otherwise agreed. The Company reserves the right to charge for additional services such as recording videos or taking additional pictures.

7. In-Person Consultations

An in-person consultation may be agreed in advance by the Client and the Company. In this event, the Company will provide a quote such as a proforma invoice or cost estimate for travelling expenses and any consultancy time based on discussions between the parties prior to any Consultation Session taking place. The Company typically sends 1 or 2 persons to a Consultation session but both the Company and the Client should pre-notify the other party prior to the Session date of how many persons will be in attendance and any relevance to non-disclosure, design, security, patents should be agreed in advance.

8. Revisions & General Terms of Service

The general Terms of Service must also be agreed by rhe Client in order to avail of our services. The Terms of Consultancy agreement acts as an addenda or ‘extension’ to the Terms of Service. Privacy Policy still applies. Terms of Purchase also applies to any goods purchased from the Company by the Client. This addenda agreement overrides any other terms in the Terms of Services to enable it to function specifically for Consultancy, discussions, design services and more and does not invalidate it. The Company reserves the right to withdraw from any Session, Consultation, service provision or anything else at any point without prior notice. The Company reserves the right to update, alter or amend its terms and agreements at any time.

9. How To Use Consultancy Services

When you buy consultancy, you should immediately contact the Company using Email, phone or Live Chat to schedule your consultation or make use of your consultancy package. You should retain your order reference from the payment confirmation email and be ready to provide details about your project. For the best eperience, we recommend purchasing or agreeing consultancy at least 2 days before the actual consultation as this will give the Company time to review your prokect details and any other materis you may have provided and tailor advice to your specific needs.

We hope you found this helpful. You can find our other Terms, agreements and details on Cookies, Privacy, Purchases, Services and Environment on our Legal & Quality Page.”

Thank You
– The IACS Electronics Team
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